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Yo Mama is so Chatty... Jokes

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Yo mama so chatty, even the pastor tries to avoid her.

Yo mama so chatty when she signed into Skype it said "Error: Too Much Information"

Yo mama so chatty she's the reason, Raj from the Big Bang Theory doesn't talk to women.

Yo mama so chatty that her parents legally emancipated her the first chance they got.

Yo momma so chatty she went through 7 sets of foster parents, because she kept talking them to death.

Yo momma so chatty that even Whitney Cummings became annoyed.

Yo mama so chatty, I'll never forget the time we first met, although I'll keep trying.

Yo mamma so chatty her parents must have been siblings.

Yo mama so chatty, that if ignorance is bliss, then she must be the happiest person alive.

Yo mama so chatty, the only place she's ever invited is outside.

Yo mama so chatty, I gave her a quarter and told her to call all her friends and she brought back change.

Yo mamma so chatty that if she killed every person that haters her, it wouldn't be murder it would be genocide.

Yo mama so chatty her nickname is Blabbermouth.

Yo mama so chatty, her voice box died when she was 5!

Yo mama so chatty that I don't just think she's annoying... I think she might also be... insane.

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