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Yo Mama is so Bald... Jokes

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Yo mama's so bald, when she goes to bed, her head slips off the pillow.

Yo momma so bald, you can play Air Hockey on her head.

Yo mama so bald, I could polish her head and take her bowling.

Yo mama soo bald even the hairdressers used her head for a mirror.

yo mama is so bald that when she stood near a wall Lil wayne sang "Mirror On The Wall"

Yo mama so bald you can see whats on her mind

Yo mama so bald that she took a shower and got brain-washed.

Yo mama's so bald her hair looks like stitches.

Yo mama's so bald she curls her hair with rice.

Yo momma is so bald and talented she can blow dry her hair answer yes to all your questions and give head at the same time

Yo mama's so bald, Mr. Clean got jealous.

Yo mama so bald, I can tell fortunes on her head.

Yo mama so bald that people could ice skate on her head.

Yo mama's so bald, you could draw a line down the middle of her head and it would look like my ass.

Yo mama's so bald, that when she put on a sweater, folk thought she was a roll on deoderant!

Yo mama's so bald, when she braids her hair, it remind me of stitches.

Yo mama so bald that Vin Diesel thought she was his twin.

Yo Moma is so bald, that when i rubbed on her head i could see the future.

Yo mamma so bald birds land on her head yo mommas so bald, we thought the sun was rising when she got up

yo momma so bald that when its cloudy out at night you still see a full moon

Yo momma so bald, when she puts on a turtle neck she looks like a busted condom.

Yo mama so bald, I thought she was Mr. Clean.

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