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Yo mama's so fat that she expresses her weight in scientific notation.
Yo mama's so fat that scientists track her position by observing anomalies in Pluto's orbit.
Yo mama's so fat that a recursive function computing her weight causes a stack overflow.
Yo mama's so fat that the long double numeric variable type in C++ is insufficient to express her weight.
Yo mama's so fat that THX can't even surround her.
Yo mama's a convenient proof that the universe is still expanding exponentially.
Yo mama’s so big that she has a gravitational pull equal to that of the sun.
Yo mama's so big that doctors use scuba divers as nanobots to clean her arteries.
The mass of yo mama at rest is approximately equal to that of a neutron star traveling at (1-(10^-1000))c.
Yo mama's so slow and dumb that she can be emulated on a 286.
Yo mama conforms to Planck's law - the greater the frequency with which she screws, the more energetic she gets.
Yo mama's like a converging lens - she's wider in the middle than she is on either end.
Yo mama's dumber than an augmented rat.
Yo mama's so fat that she and the great wall of China are used as reference points when astronauts look back at the Earth.
Yo mama's such a ho that even the noble gases are attracted to her.
Yo mama's so promiscuous that electrons have a positive charge when they're around her.
Yo mama's so stupid that her exchange particle is a "moron".
Yo mama's so fat that China uses her to block the internet.
Yo mama's so fat that NASA shot a rocket into her ass looking for water.
Yo mama's so dumb that she went to the dentist and asked for a bluetooth.
Yo mama's so fat that she doesn't just have a low center of gravity, she has an elliptical orbit.
Yo mama's so fat that IEEE is working on a wifi protocol so people can get the signals to reach users on opposite sides of her. It's called 802.11 Draft Fat Momma
If we were to code your mom in a C++ function she would look like this: double mom (double fat){ mom(fat);return mom;}; //your mom is recursively fat.
Yo mama's so old that she goes on carbon dates.
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