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Doctor Who Yo Mama Jokes

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yo mama so fat, the cyberman DOWNgraded her.

yo mama so ugly that Dalek's don't actually say 'Exterminate' when they see her, because they figure somebody else already got there first!

Yo mama's such a drunk, that her sonic screwdriver is made of vodka and orange juice.

yo mama so ugly that when she looks into the Tardis, the Tardis doesn't look into her.

yo mama so ugly that when the Daleks Exterminate her, it's not for domination.

Yo mama's such a hoe that the nickname for her vagina (Bad Wolf) is scattered across time and space.

yo mama so fat, she's bigger than both the outside AND the inside of the Tardis

yo mama so ugly that when Captain Jack Harkness saw her, he actually died.

yo mama so fat, the Pirate Planet tried to take her over.

yo mama so lazy, she's a "part-time" lord

yo mama so fat that when she got upgraded by the cybermen, they turned her into an ice cream truck

yo mama so stupid that when Cassandra says "Moisturize!", she begins to sweat.

yo mama so fat, the Doctor caught her eating his psychic paper, thinking it was a burger.

Yo mama's such a noisy hoe, her nickname is the sonic screwdriver!

yo mama so fat, it doesn't matter that the Tardis is bigger on the inside. She can't get through the door.

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